Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

March wrap up

 Track season started and so really I have felt busy just with that. The school year is also really hectic leading up to spring break so it's been busy but good.

Andrew had his first sleep over with me. We had fun. We played, watched a movie, went on a walk, went on a bike ride, and went swimming. I was really tired when it was over. We were busy!

My hamstring has been bothering me as I have been playing more soccer and basketball. That muscle is so annoying. I went on a 36 mile bike ride and had to stop and stretch it three times. So annoying.
 I got really good tickets to the cultural celebration and so Caleb came with me. It was so fun. The presentation was amazing. The spirit was so strong. Such a neat experience for all of the youth.
 My dad got to meet Kaitlyn. He is still in the hospital but is actually finally doing a lot better.
 I got a hammock and it is a kid favorite. We spent three hours playing in it one afternoon. It is really comfortable, especially when you aren't in it with three other people:)

 Olivia and Braxton showing off some of their Easter clothes I sent them. Man I love these kids.
 Moki and I took a little time off from the Y. I was playing on a couple of basketball leagues and so I wasn't making it a priority. She was happy to get back to it.
 I got Andrew this cape forever ago at our ward auction. He wasn't too into it at first but over a year later and he is loving it. What boy doesn't love a good cape? He is so cute.
 Emerson is the cutest little guy.
 Anthony hanging out with his people on Easter. He ate at the kids table.
 These two in their Easter outfits. They are so cute!
 I am in cub scouts these days. It is a calling that I am loving. The boys are so excited and they just love to learn. I have really enjoyed it and their enthusiasm is so refreshing.
 I got this adorable picture in a text from Katie. Katelyn is so little and cute.

Nieces and Nephews

I just have some cute pictures on my phone of my nieces and nephews that I want on my blog. I love these kids so much. They make me so happy...