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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

LaNell in Real Life

This week was soooo long. I was sick. Really sick on Tuesday and Wednesday and of course it was the last week of the term. I could not take school off. I probably should have but then that makes posting your final grades tricky because I teach junior high and students wait until the last possible second to make up their work.

Of course there were a few bumps along the road. Not so happy parents. Students trying to come in after the deadline. You know the usual lovely stuff you get to deal with at the end of the term. I won't lie I had one of my most frustrating moments ever at work this week. Probably in the top three of most frustrating moments but it all worked out in the end, it always does.

Good news everyone of my students passed. You are probably thinking they should it is PE. But we actually have a lot of requirements and if I had been gone they would not have all made it. I am so happy. First term is typically the best grades of the year for all students so we will see if I can keep them on track for 2nd term.

Yesterday was maybe the most productive day ever. I ran errands, I deep cleaned my house, I worked out, did some online shopping, and even had time to have an enjoyable evening with friends. YEAH! There is only one week left until basketball starts and I think I am anxious about my time and so I was super productive and I finally felt better. This week I must carry on: dentist appointment, car appointment, should do a hair appointment, fix a couple of things in the house, have open gym, celebrate some birthdays. WOW, I will be busy. Oh and I need to start going to the gym in the morning. Why is that so hard?

And a small disclaimer before you read about all the things I bought recently. I saved $100 in gas by biking to work the past two months. That is how I am justifying these purchases which, by the way, do not add up to the total amount of money saved. So I bought this lace shirt.

I have seen lots of people wear this shirt but I was not sure I could wear it. You know classic that is super cute but it is definitely not screaming my name. And lets be honest I have never ever in all my life owned something with this much lace. I wore it today and loved it. So I am pretty pumped about that.

I guess the super news is that I have been wanting a black pea coat for a few years. I decided this year I am going to find the perfect coat. Well I have now purchased three. Two that have gone back to the store and one that is coming via snail mail.

I found the perfect coat for me at Target yesterday, well actually I first saw it in California with Angelee and Mikila, but they didn't have black. Utah also did not have black. Online did have black. I screamed for joy I was that excited. I love it and I love the price. It is a win win.

Oh and then there are these rain boots. Which are super super good news!

Something else I have wanted for a couple of years but have not found a pair I love. Well I found them. I am not ashamed to say that I first saw them on a student. I asked her where she got them. then my entire world changed. Go to and look at all their rain boots. You will buy a pair. There are so many and they are so cute. I used self-control and only bought one pair. I dare you go look!

I was given a calling in my ward today. I am really excited but a little nervous as well. They called me as the ward camp director. Utah girls camp is different then California so I will have to learn the system. However, I am pumped. I think it will be way fun. I am nervous though because I always thought camp was so fun and I think of the ladies that ran camp when I was in young women's and I think I am not like those ladies. They were amazing and I loved camp and now I have to try to help these girls love it too. I am most nervous because I do not know one single young women in my ward, not one. I was thinking as I was being sustained the poor young women were probably like who is that chic, because I am sure that is what I would have thought when I was in young women's. I guess I have got eight months. In the meantime check out the rain boots.


Grandma R. said...

Yeah for girl's camp! Gotta love it. I am not checking out rain boots :)

Parley and Katie Call said...

I think you will be great at that calling! And sorry you have been so sick, hope you feel better now. I love that lace shirt on you! I have like 3 of them from Downeast and I love them so much. They just perk up your outfit, I love that you paired it with red! :)

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