Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cascade Saddle and Windy Pass

Did you know the leaves have already changed in the Provo Canyon? I didn't. I mean you can see some fall colors on the mountains but it does not do the canyon justice. It is AMAZING! I swore up and down on my life I would leave Utah when I finished school but here I am and you know one of my favorite things is that we have all the seasons. I love fall. It is so beautiful.

Amber and I have wanted to do this little hike up the Provo canyon for three years at least. Today we finally did it. It was not really little. It was 9.5 miles and we had to drive for like 2 hours just to start because you drop off a car at the end of the hike beforehand. Slightly obnoxious. I was actually very annoyed while driving 5 miles on the dirt road until I really started to check out all the fall leaves. That put me in a better mood.

(My Robert Frost picture: "Two roads diverged in the woods and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
Our hike was 5 miles straight uphill. It was a little intense. But at least we know we got a good workout. The view from the top was amazing so it was definitely worth it. Too many self portraits, sorry.

We hiked up to the Cascade Saddle and then around Lightning Peak and down Windy Pass. Very windy. They got the name right on that one as well. I was reminded of why I really don't like Rock Canyon, it is so rocky. Very annoying while hiking. We only did 3.5 miles on the rock canyon side.

As always so happy to see the car!

Amber didn't know I was taking this picture I think she is putting something in her backpack but I really wanted to remember the beautiful leaves.

I should have taken my actual camera and not tried to rely on my phone. Stink'n' new iPhone has a way better camera. Oh well that is how technology rolls.

Nieces and Nephews

I just have some cute pictures on my phone of my nieces and nephews that I want on my blog. I love these kids so much. They make me so happy...