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Brownie Updates
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Monday, October 24, 2011

I heart fall break

I should be in bed. It is late. I am sick! My body is really good at getting sick when I have a break from school. Dear body, I have sooooo many sick days. Try getting sick when I could actually use them. Much appreciated, LaNell.

But even though I was not feeling top notch fall break was awesome. I actually wasn't terrible. Yesterday and today were bad but luckily I had time to sleep extra long both days.

My parents were mentioning that they didn't have any toys for Olivia. I suggested they find a wheel barrow . Their yard is great for one. My Dad found one and here are the results. Good for rides. Olivia is not so great at pushing it yet, needs some more arm strength, but she was really good at filling it with tomatoes, then dumping them out, and then giving you the I am so cute how did those get on the ground look. . . . and then repeat.

too stink'n' cute

I would say my Dad has the world's largest pumpkins but that would be a lie. The world's biggest weigh like 1700 pounds and his only way 300 pounds. But they are HUGE! He has assured us all that they will be bigger next year. People even stop and ask to buy them.

I am a mountain man and I want a pumpkin to carve. One of the smaller ones because Anthony could actually lift it.

I spent a lot of time with family. On Thursday we met up with my Grandma Brown, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Lou in Williams. We visited and saw my Grandpa. He is in an Alzheimer's unit there. And then we went to lunch. Then on Saturday my Aunt Virginia and cousin Cody and wife Jen came over for lunch. So fun to see extended family. And awesome to see all of my California family as well. Somehow Ben, Katie, and Aaron never found themselves in front of my camera.

I also saw Angelee and Mikila. The pictures are not attractive but it was way late. The latest I have stayed up since girls conference a couple of years ago and anyone there knows I was not looking to great by the end of that night:) We solved all the economic problems the US is facing over some yummy Chinese food. Angelee did you get your phone?

On Saturday we wore our BYU gear and watched the game via the internet. I got Olivia her first BYU shirt. Start them early!

I just wanted a picture of her with her BYU shirt. She is just so funny.

Can I say I have two brothers that are very fond of hugs: Aaron and Anthony. I am sure lots of girls appreciate this. Watch out student ward. (I think Ben is that way too?)

This little girl has so many people that love her.

These two are scary. I could write a novel about my brothers but we will just let you all imagine what I would say.

So fall break was a success. It is always nice to be back home, weird that I call Utah home, something about your own bed but I sure love seeing my family and friends that are in California.

I have a few new people coming to play basketball on Mondays. That is very exciting news. They are really good and in really good shape. So it has been fun to start playing again. We will see how well I am moving in the morning, right now I am very stiff. Here is to kicking this cold ASAP!

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sariah + brett said...

i always love seeing updates about your family. haven't seen anthony since he left for his mission! and caleb... a new look for him. tye-dye and gangsta hat... hmmmm...
caleb: i'll always think of that time i was visiting for thanksgiving, and caleb was talking to sam (i think it was sam) who was bar-b-q-ing the turkey, he came up and said "hey sam, what up son?"
ha-larious. still.

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