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Brownie Updates
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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Sometimes I just feel like I need a change. Does anyone else have that problem? I am not sure if is just because it is the end of the year or what. The thing is I like my job, I love who I work with, but deep down it just feels like it's not enough. So some things I have considered......

A. Get a different coaching job
B. Look for a teaching job in Northern California
C. Get my PHD in either 1. Sport pedagogy, then I can teach at a college The U gave me an unofficial offer i cant stop thinking about. 2. Get a PHD in sport psychology then I could fix all the kids I mess up (kidding). But I think it would be fascinating. 3. Get a masters in administration because one masters degree is not enough.
D. Sit tight and let summer run its course
E. Marry someone who is extremely wealthy and handsome. Retire. Have kids. Live it up!

Obviously E is my favorite option but the others all have pros and cons as well


Ben and Katie Brown said...

I say get a job in northern California!!

Ben and Katie Brown said...

E would work in Nor Cal too.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

So e for me too. The u??? We may question your testimony. :). Move to Cali! I'm no help.

jana said...

I am dying for option E if he is a utah boy. Option A is easiest. I think C sounds exciting... I would love to call you Dr. Brown.

Anthony Brown said...

Do option C.

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