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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The End is in Sight!

 The school year is definitely winding down, but man May can seem like the longest month. There have been some fun things going on though.

One was that Caleb got his mission call.
He has been called to serve in Phoenix Arizona. He leaves on June 19th. He is excited. It is always nice to know where the Lord needs you to be. I think he was a little surprised he is leaving so soon but luckily I think we will be able to get him ready. He speaks next week here in Utah!

Moki's new favorite past time is looking out the window. This dog cracks me up most of the time.
 However this morning when she ate through my couch trying to get to her bone I wasn't laughing. I wanted to KILL her. I surprised myself at how I handled the situation I was angry but calm and no one was harmed.

I got some Keen sandals and I love them! They are so comfy. I have hiked in them, ran in them, and taught in them everyday since I got them, and I still love them.
 Sundays are the best. It is so nice to go to church and then relax the rest of the day. Moki loves the weekend because she has people to hang out with all day.
Love this cute boy!
I cut my hair off. I am loving it short. I have not had it short in awhile so it has been a great change!

 I thought I would try and get Moki to ride on my scooter with me. Sometimes I need someone to tell me that my ideas are not so grand.
We tried. It was unsuccessful. But in my head it could be a beautiful thing.
 Yesterday I participated in the women of steel triathlon. I signed up for this event probably three months ago. I did it last year and enjoyed it so I was excited to give it another go. I am just glad I didn't bail because I had my reasons: 1. I swam one time before the triathlon. Now the distance is quite short but I am  no swimmer so that had  me a little worried. 2. I did not really train at all. Overall it is a very easy triathlon but still some training would have been nice. 3. I played two soccer games the night before. The 2nd game started at 11:25. And 4. It was raining and cold.
 Friday night when I went to bed I told myself if it was raining I would go and just run the 5K. I woke up and it was clear in Provo. I had not gotten anything ready because I had kind of convinced myself I was going to bail. But I paid $70, way too much, and in the end I knew I could do it. So I ran around scrambling to find all my gear and to load it all up and get to the start at 7:15. As I am driving through Orem it is pouring and I am seriously hating my life.

Luckily it was pretty dry in American Fork and the pool was heated. I am glad I did it. It did rain on me the last half of the bike and a majority of the run but I survived. I didn't break any world records but it was a good reminder of: a) the importance of training, b) the importance of not playing soccer on the eve of other events, c) I can still exercise for an extended period of time if I need to and d) I really enjoy exercise.

The roads were slick on the bike ride and I was going really slow around all the turns because on Thursday one of my co-workers broke his femur biking. His femur. He swerved to avoid an accident and hit the curb. As the road was getting wet I seriously could not get that image out of my head, well the image I created in my head because I did not see it.

I was freezing the rest of the day because it really was cold. I was also super tired but it was fun.

Yesterday afternoon I went and saw this . . . .
I really enjoyed it once I determined to make myself stay awake and watch it. I could not remember the entire story but it all came back. It was fun and surprisingly not to dirty.

After the movie we went to Nancy's and hung out because my cousin Sharee is in town. I have no pictures of our hang out but I do have a picture of me in the grocery store buying treats.
I love these things. It was a great find!

This is the last week of actually teaching at school. I am happy. The school year has not been too bad but at this point in the year I am always tired of all of the little things you deal with everyday. I am ready for a break.

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Ashleigh Cramer said...

Yay for Phoenix! Sorry he's getting here in the middle of the hot hot summer. Missionary work here should be great with the new temple on its way! Very exciting!


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