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Brownie Updates
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Worn Out!

Today I read an entire book. Really the only other thing I did was all the food shopping for girls camp. Mind you that took a good 3-4 hours by the time I shopped, distributed the food, and put everything away. Oh yeah and I got new tires. Not happy about that. Don't give me this 65,000 mile warrantee  mouth full of garbage and then somehow still charge be lots of money when I have only driven 30,000 miles. Obviously I don't understand how the tire companies work but I am still really frustrated. It does not make sense. Anyways back to the fact that I read an entire book today because I am just worn out. Moki didn't even seem to mind because she is worn out.

This week has been busy. Yesterday I played basketball for an hour and a half. It was so hot and tiring. Then in the afternoon Amber and I hiked Silver Lake.
 As you can see it was really beautiful. You start the hike at a really nice lake and then the hike ends at this glacier lake. So pretty. The hike up was really hot and it felt so good to swim in the lake. This is the first time I have actually full on swam in the glacier lake.

Moki enjoyed swimming as well. The water was so clear. I loved it. 
 It's a 5 mile relatively easy hike and the reward is worth it. We got off the trail just as the thunderstorm was starting. That was a little bit crazy. My back tire was punctured by a nail on the way home. BOO! Amber and I were able to change it. I have road side assistance but they were going to take 40 minutes. Ridiculous. So we just decided to get a head start. I was nervous because I had never changed a tire on this car but luckily it was super easy and only took about 20 minutes.

I have two days to get some sleep and let my body recover and then it is off to girls camp.

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