Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Thursday, December 11, 2014


It was my first time traveling home for Thanksgiving since Sam and Amanda got married! I was able to go because I am not coaching basketball. It was a fun little trip, but man I have not recovered. Today was the first day I actually didn't feel exhausted. I must be getting old!

Traveling is my least favorite. And then I have a crazy dog that thinks she needs to be on a lap!
 Some people just slept most of he way. Wish I could do that.
One of the highlights of being in California was seeing Ben and Katie and family. Now that they live so close to my parents they are so much more accessible. We saw them everyday with them doing most of the traveling. They took one for the team in that department. But I took their kids to the park everyday so that sort of makes up for it:)

My parents old school pogo stick was a big hit. I am too heavy for it but it is still so fun!
 The kids could not quite do it on their own, but they loved trying.
 I just love her hair in this last picture.
The weather was great. Normally that would be a major highlight but the weather has been so mild in Utah this fall/winter it really wasn't much different.

Bubba is getting so big. He is at such a fun age. Love him so much!
 Olivia is getting a lot more coordinated. She is a master at the scooter.
Thanksgiving morning my cousin Cody and I hiked Feather Falls. I really like that hike. I made the mistake of letting Moki run off the leash. She picked up a bunch of ticks even though she had medicine on. None of them bit her but ticks like really creep me out!!!!!
I thought it looked very much like Fall. It was a great way to start the day.

We played at the park and ate delicious food. The evening ended playing games.
It was a beautiful dinner and great company.

I declared that I was not going to shop on black Friday and I stuck to it. Friday we went to Ben and Katie's. We met them at the Sacramento Zoo on the way down. Then ate lunch at their house and finished the evening off playing at the park. It was another fun filled day.

Bubba being a stinker.
 Olivia is getting old enough for games and so that is really fun. Frustrating at times but mostly just fun.
It was a fun trip. I was exhausted afterwards but it is always worth it!
 Moki pondering if she should escape while the door is open.
 A couple more shots from the park.
 Man I love this sassy pants!

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