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Brownie Updates
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Break

It's Christmas Break!!!!!! Yay! This year has been great at work but it is always nice to make it to the break. I am desiring some serious down time. I just want a book and some relaxation. Hopefully I can get some. It might not be until after California but my fingers are crossed that it will happen before I head back to work.

This Christmas season I wanted to be part of the #sharethegift campaign. I wanted to do something more fun then just me holding up a sign and I wanted it to be funny! If you saw this on Facebook or Instagram I hope you laughed. If not I failed miserably. My gift was to serve others and Moki wanted to give comfort by letting others pet her and to  not steal food. It was not easy getting a picture that would work.
 MOki consumed a lot of cookie dough in order to get her to look at the camera. Anthony was kind enough to take the pictures.
 We wore our matching clothes one more time. This one of her by herself is pretty cute. She really is a great dog when she isn't being crazy.
I wanted to post a few of the outtakes as well. Cookie dough was too high here.
 Trying to hide her gift??????
 Trying to get her to turn around and face the camera.
 It's hard work getting a dog to do what you want.
 Why aren't you looking at the camera???
 The I am sick of this and my dog is dumb picture.
I was able to send a little care package to my favorite missionary in Arizona. He comes home in 6 months...crazy!
 Me pretending to win a wrestling match against Anthony. Really celebrating no more school.
Andrew just looking so cute.
Last night all the Utah people gathered at my house. We had a delicious dinner, watched Andrew open presents, Skyped with lots of other people, and relaxed. It was a wonderful evening. I am so grateful that these people live so close to me. I love my family and I love getting to spend time with them.
 Even if my house ends up being a complete disaster! Can't wait to head to California tomorrow and see the rest of my family. I am so grateful for this beautiful time of year and all the good things in my life!

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