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Brownie Updates
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a New Year

Well I am now to that depressing part of Christmas vacation where I realize reality is about to hit and I am going to STRUGGLE. This break was sooooooooo nice. I stayed up too late, slept in too much, ate too much, exercised too little, spent too much money, watched a lot of TV, visited family and friends, took too many naps, read a little and even was super productive as far as accomplishing things. Pretty much it was freaking awesome. I finished three sewing projects, got my hair done, got Moki her vaccinations, grocery shopped, saw 4 movies, cleaned my house, put away Christmas. These things would not normally be noteworthy but during basketball season that is quite the list of accomplishments.

New Years Eve was a riot. I was feeling like a bum because I didn't have any big plans. But in the end it was a great night for me. Dinner with family and then games. We were Anthony's back up plan...or so he said all. day. long. As the night was coming to a close and he started showing some of my cousins daughters his dance moves that work 100% of the time (according to him) it became very obvious why he was spending the evening with us. 
I was really really scared. We played Qwirkle, Headbands (phone version) and scum. I laughed a ton and really had a great time!

This week was really about enjoying my break and accomplishing lots of little things.Anthony and I hiked on the Alpine Loop road. Since it hasn't snowed in awhile I knew it would not be good snowshoeing so we just walked. It was a really nice day.
 We didn't go as far as I normally would go but it is all good!
 Moki was in heaven. The scenery there is amazing. I do not love everything about Utah but I love love love the mountains.
 It is so nice to get out above the inversion.

Moki and I also ran/walked on the Bonneville shoreline trail. There is a 3 mile section we like to do.
She loved it. She is usually ok to be off leash and so she sprints and sprints the entire time. She is great at wearing herself out.

There was of course lots and lots of basketball. The main Gym at Mountain View is the length of one extra long court and then the width of a normal court. It goes on and on forever. So glad the players are running those long sprints and not me. I would probably die.

I loved this quilt my grandma Brown made. It matches my Christmas decor perfectly. All the presents I recieved this year were perfect for me and I am so grateful to those that gave them.
I was really sad to take down Christmas this year. Thanksgiving was late and so the season just seemed short. It is so much work to get it all up, it looks so great, and then you take it down again so quickly. Kind of a bummer.

One night I was tying a baby quilt and Moki would not leave me alone. First she was laying on it and then trying to eat it. Not helpful.
 She is too cute for her own good most of the time.
Another project was finishing bandanas for all the holidays. Moki must be festive. Probably a dumb thing to spend time and money on but they look so cute on her:)
 This evening I was busy cleaning and she decided to take a nap right on the couch. This dog seriously KILLS me! She knows the rules but disregards them anyways.
She has had a super upset stomach. I think she ate too much peanut better. She didn't sleep much last night so in the end I didn't have the heart to kick her off. I am way too soft.

I am excited for the New Year. This last year I had a couple of health challenges. The doctor and I finally got them worked out and I feel so much better. I am so excited to start this year. I actually designed a card on Shutterfly I was going to print and send off for New Years and then didn't. I loved the back of the card.

"Smile every chance you get.  Not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the problems you know you don't have." Life is not what I predicted but I still love my life. Here's to another year of making adventures, spending time with those I love, and somehow through it all becoming more like the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. Here's to 2014......may it be the best year yet! I came up with it all on my own, well minus the stuff in parenthesis.

The main reason I didn't send the card because it is so lame to attach pictures of just me. Feels very weird. But this coming Christmas I think I am going to just do it because I love getting cards.

This year I want to work on being healthier9 mainly eating better), spending less time on social network and more time reading for fun and studying scriptures, and I want to really set up a budget that I actual follow. We will see how that all goes.


Tonya said...

Happy New Year! I feel like a lurker sometimes because I don't comment often but I enjoy reading what you've been up to. Moki's bandanas are so cute and the perfect thing to spend time and money on, in my opinion. Mostly because it makes you happy, to make them and to have her wear them. I hope you have an awesome year!

Nancy Webb said...

Moki's bandanas are really cute. I want to work on the budget plan myself. Hlave a wonderful new year!

Nancy Webb said...

That last comment was your mother and so is this one.

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