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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Back to real life

After a week of backpacking it was surprisingly hard to get back to my routine. One really hard thing was that my body has just been so tired. Unfortunately life didn't pause while I took a hiatus and so there has been a lot to do.

The Wednesday I got back I had an all day meeting up in Murray for work. I was really close to Sam and Amanda's so I stopped in and visited Andrew on the way home. He tried on his Halloween costume for me!
 He loves to play the drums and so this costume was perfect. He is seriously so adorable. I can't even stand it.
Another reason I may have been tired is because I hung out with these guys for quite awhile and missed my normal bedtime.

Somehow I made my way up to Murray two more times the same week. Once for Amanda's Halloween concert, she plays in the Murray symphony, and then again on Sunday for Andrews birthday party.

Here we are at the concert.
The concert was really fun. Andrew is good at recognizing the different instruments and trying to find his Mom.
Somehow I don't have any pictures from Andrews birthday. That was really fun too, except Andrew was very tired. I am excited to visit him again and play with some of the activities I got him. He is so much fun these days.

Moki and I got out to rollerblade a couple of times. The weather in Utah this fall has been remarkable.
 I love all the colors on the Provo River Trail.
 Moki and I have also hiked the Y a few times the past two weeks and we have even done a couple of trail runs.
 I would like to do more trail running but that is a topic for another day.

This year I dressed up for Halloween at school. My first time ever. I am not a lover of Halloween so this was huge for me. I was Po from Kung Fu Panda.
I love my co-workers. This year has been great and it is so fun to work and associate with such amazing people.

Other noteworthy things:
  • I forced myself to go to a mid-singles Halloween party. I am still alive!
  • Moki and I hiked way above the Y today
  • Google fiber was installed in my house today
  • Dinner with co-workers
  • made caramel apples at Andrews birthday party. Katie taught me how to make my grandma's caramel. Let me tell you that they were AMAZING!
  • Skyped with Ben and Katie's family. Ben and Olivia had birthdays this week!
 I spent Halloween with Jana. I don't have a picture of that either...BOO! I always enjoy visiting with Jana. Her kids and Ben looked amazing in their costumes. Then I even get to go hang out with Ben's parents and siblings when all the cousins go to show off their costumes. Ben has a great family and they are really fun to be around. So glad I have one longtime friend that lives so close. I am very lucky!

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shauna said...

I haven't looked at blogs for a while so this my be a little old but...your backpacking trips looked awesome! l'm always impressed with what you do.

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