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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving and California Again

Originally I was not going to go home for Thanksgiving but since my dad was still really sick Dan and I decided to head that way. Then the weather didn't cooperate and so I stayed here. My aunt Loralie is a saint. He married kids were all gone for Thanksgiving but she still hosted which meant me and all my brothers had a place to go. So nice of her!!! It was a fun and pretty easy day. I don't have any pictures but we ate, played games, and visited. I was really really grateful for my family this year!

That night I just realized I really needed to go home. I needed to see my dad and support my mom. So I bought a way overpriced plane ticket and headed to California on Friday. Aaron and Jacklyn picked me up at the airport and we went straight to the hospital. Seeing my dad was so hard. He now had all the water weight off of him. He had been in bed four three and a half weeks and so he has lost all his muscle. His arms and face are so skinny. He was awake but couldn't talk because of the trach. But he would look at us and move his arms and try really really hard to talk to us. It was so so hard to see. It's all part of getting better but you could just tell he was so frustrated. He also wanted to go home which obviously is not an option at this time. I just felt really bad for him. And he was still on life support so he was still really really sick.

It was a really quick trip. I am glad I went. It was good to see him even though it was emotionally so hard. But how cute our my niece and nephew???
 We did skype with these two from the hospital and they made my dad laugh and smile which was so great to see. They are really into knock knock jokes. Forgot how annoying those can be:)
 I had them make funny faces so I could show my dad the pictures. Kids are the best when times are tough. Just love these two!
My mom and I did a little dress shopping. She needs a dress for Aaron's wedding. We didn't find anything. Adrianna and Olivia came with us. They wanted to see the temple so we made a quick stop there after.
 My family has a ton going on right now. My dad is a major concern but Aaron is getting married in January. That is coming up really fast. It has already been a stressful month and I don't think things are going to calm down until after the wedding. Here is to hoping there isn't stress when my birthday rolls around.

My dad is now off of life support. He can communicate. He has a very very long road ahead of him. He has to learn/get strong enough to sit-up on his own and just move, but one day at a time. His body is slowly coming around and functioning on it's own. The doctors were shocked on November 30th at the progress he had made over the weekend. This week has continued to do better. I think the staff thinks he might live. He is still very sick but they think that he has turned the corner. Of course he got MRSA, a staph infection that is dangerous, but so far it isn't giving him grief. Prayers and fasting are continually being sent his way. Love that guy so much.

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