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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall Break

Fall break happened way back in October. Anthony, Nancy and I decided to head to California for the long weekend. We hung out in Oroville and Lodi and spent lots of time with family. My Dad was scheduled to have heart surgery at the end of the month and so I wanted to make sure I got out there. Man looking back I am so glad I did.

It was close to Olivia's birthday and so I let her pick out a present. She choose an Elsa castle. It's a lego thing. We also picked out some Legos for Braxton. We spent the evening putting them together. I learned that legos require a lot of patience. Actually Olivia did great. Braxton is underage for the project we were doing and he didn't have the patience to sit and let us do it. As soon as it looked like the batmobile that child was ready to play. I let him and I finished it after he was in bed. Auntie for the WIN!

Bubba started off excited. He loves batman.

 It was a fun way to spend the evening without any media for entertainment.

We also went to the fish hatchery. It was still 90 degrees in Oroville. Before this we had gone to Riverbend park and the kids and Moki were playing in the river. I just let them wear their swimsuits all day.

 These two kids are so fun. It was great to spend time with them. On the way back to Lodi Olivia stole Anthony's hat. She is so cute. She is holding the present my parents let her pick out.
 We also spent sometime in Lodi. We made yummy caramel apples.

 It was a quick trip but I am glad we went. We helped my Dad get the tarp on the trailer and do some other things that are just to hard for him right now. He was really struggling to get enough oxygen. He could not walk very far or do much without having to take breaks. He was already in heart failure at this time. It's really hard to watch your parents struggle with their health, especially someone who was always been so strong and healthy.

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