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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Girls Camp

This year I had the opportunity to got o girls camp. It ended up being really fun. I was actually a little nervous. This school year was ok for me and I ended the year feeling inadequate, which is hard. I think overall it was just a hard year. Coaching basketball and track, having my dad pass away, and a few other things during the school year. All the stress just wore on me. By the time I was called to camp I wasn't sure that I was the right person to go. I felt like maybe I didn't know how to do teenagers anymore. Truth be told, teenagers are tricky, and I am no expert. That aside, I loved camp. It was so fun and I am grateful I had the chance to participate. It really makes me appreciate all the leaders that made camp so magical for me as a young women.

The girls in our ward are so fun and they made camp great! No phones allowed so I had to bust out my nice camera. I wish I would have taken more pictures and hiked with my camera but oh well. The first day we had our lake day! This is always so fun.
This year out stake went to Heber Valley Camp and I loved it. It was so nice. I hope we go again soon.
Then the next group picture I have is our last night there. Bishops night. Here we are in front of our cabin.
 We performed a short stomp for roll call at flag. Definitely a little out of my comfort zone but it was really fun!
 Camp is so different here then the camp I grew up going to. At times that s hard for me because I love how the Gridley Stake does girls camp. But they do a great job here as well.

One thing I loved was that President Ferron, our stake president, was telling the girls that the road into camp alone cost more than 1 million dollars. He talked about how the church does not profit off of the camp and that it cost more money than we can imagine. He emphasized the church does not waste money. He reminded the girls how important they are to Heavenly Father and the church and that this beautiful camp is a testament of that. I loved that!!!

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