Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I get to go home at 3:35 today. Can you believe it? I can't. It has been so long. Basketball is over. The season was great. I had a great team that was super fun. Our record was 24 wins and 3 losses. We lost last night in the championship game. Bummer! The other team just played better, but my girls are so great. They shed lots of tears but by the time we got to Wend's they were all smiles the rest of the evening. I have never had so much fun with junior high students. They seriously crack me up.

The sun is out if I am super motivated I may just go ride my bike after work. It just got out of the shop and it now has zebra handle bars. My team said it looks hot! I couldn't agree more.

And here is a couple of the family pictures we had taken. We had not had professional pictures done since before Caleb was born. (He must have been weird looking or something). So it was way overdue. Enjoy!

Apparently I need to drop some pounds because these boys had a hard time holding me up.

And the last one just melts my heart. My parents adore Olivia, well we all do. But I seriously just love love love this picture.

Katie had a lady from her old ward in Paradise do the pictures, Wendy Mayo. It was so nice because she has a traveling studio and totally came to us. It was really fast and efficient and we like the results.


shauna said...

Those are really cute pictures! You guys all look so good in them! That last picture of Olivia with your parents is adorable. You mom just looks like the perfect, nicest grandma.

Walt and Becky said...

cutest pictures ever. we never take family pictures either. so cute though.

Sharee said...

Those are fabulous pictures! That one of your parents and Olivia is pretty much the cutest picture I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

sariah + brett said...

loved seeing the family photos.
i was looking for little caleb, and he's gone! your family is all adults now! crazy - but duh, it's been a while i guess.

also - you need to know you are aging exceptionally well. i just want you to know that because i am definitely looking old since 30 hit, and you are as hot as ever - probably all that exercise...

Parley and Katie Call said...

I love them and I love the color scheme!

Farfegnugen said...

Those are way good pictures. It's because you're all so cute.

Grandma R. said...

I have to agree, the pictures are just smashing! Lila and Dan, you are just rockin'! And of course, I agree, Olivia is a total little doll.

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