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Brownie Updates
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

They Got The Name Right!

Canyonlands National Park. There are a ton of canyons. Amber and I did a quick overnighter to check out this national park neither of us had visited before.

Sleeping in my tent was AWESOME! I didn't have to use the fly so it was like sleeping under the stars but with protection from the bugs. It was amazing. The stars are so beautiful out in the Utah desert. I still love my little tent. What a great purchase.

Have you ever wanted a picture with not just one but two people jumping? It is quite complicated, especially when you are using the self-timer. We have about twenty of these shots. We are in the air in none of them. Bad day as far as timing is concerned. I am only posting one because really they are all the same except for our expressions, which happen to be hilarious in every single picture.

Mesa Arch was amazing. On the other side of the Arch is a very very large drop off. YIKES!

The overlook by our campground right at sunset (can't remember the name of the overlook). It was amazing.

So excited to be out and doing something I love.

Looking over another beautiful canyon.

This is the neck overlook. Very big canyon.

So a few things we learned if you are ever going to go to Canyonlands:
  • It's super hot in the summer
  • There are a lot of canyons and they are all very similar
  • don't need more than a day to see the park, unless you are doing a crazy hike
  • not recommended for little kids too many big drop offs
  • no running water in the park so bring lots
  • the campgrounds are nice and cheap ($10 per site), but again no water
  • really there is no shade
  • only $10 entrance fee, that is way cheap for a national park
It was a great little get away, especially for a short weekend. I think the trip from leaving Provo to returning to Provo was almost exactly 24 hours.

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