Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I re-arranged my entire bedroom. I love it! Mind you it took a day and a half but I am so happy I took the time to do it. I went through every box in my bedroom. I emptied my entire closet washed it down and then re-organized. I wish I had a picture of the pile of stuff I threw away and the even bigger pile of stuff I took to D.I. Why do I hold onto so many things? The tricky thing about my bedroom is that the vent is right where you would want to place the bed. LAME! It makes setting up the bedroom very challenging. Ok my way over-sized treadmill is also a little bit of a problem but what do you do.

I biked a few times this week. I did squaw peak on Monday. That was hard. I probably should have done a flat day and given the climbing muscles in my legs one more day to rest since I did the alpine loop Saturday but oh well. I also did a little playing with my cousins kids. We watched a tutorial on you-tube and made duct tape wallets. Very fun. Oh and I wore a hat. Mainly because I biked and played soccer yesterday and didn't wash my hair when I showered. But this is big for me because I am self-conscious when I wear a hat. Probably because I feel like a look a lot like my brothers. So I don't normally chose to wear one.

Shaanta and Emily showed up at my house about 2 minutes after I finished my bike ride. So here is some shots of Shaanta and I in our biking gear. Her bike goes a little faster than mine and luckily for her the clothes she wears when she bikes aren't as tight as mine.

I also finished all my work hours this week. Halleluiah! Unfortunately I also got my letter in the mail from the school informing me of when I go back. I hate that letter. It makes the end of summer seem so near. It is a bummer every year. I have two more projects I need to complete before I head back to school and hopefully I can fit in some time for hiking. So much to do and so little time!

Did I mention I took Jana to COSTCO and she bought the entire store out? I wish I had pictures of the two carts. Shopping for 40 is crazy talk and we only covered a small portion of the list.


aunt katie said...

LaNell - you are just awesome!

Parley and Katie Call said...

Wanna come do my closet?!? :) I'd have to pay you for that. Your room looks good.

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