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Brownie Updates
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend started off with redneck camping. No showers, no running water, but there were four wheelers and guns...oh yeah! Katie let me join the Ricord extended family camp trip. It was way fun. I wish I would have brought warmer clothes to sleep in but other than that it was perfect. Good food, good company, and lots of rest time. Just what I needed. I wish I had a picture of me on the four wheeler because I have only been on one twice since I crashed one when I was ten. I am still super careful but I feel like I am starting to overcome my fear. Oh and I was very excited to use my tent for the first time this year. I have a great car camping tent I just never get to use it. Come on people invite me to go camping.

I headed home Sunday evening so that I could get up early and hike Mt. Timpanogos with Amber. It was a perfect day for hiking, overcast all day.

I was counting all my Timp trips today and I have summit-ed this mountain 8 times. Crazy! But I just love this hike. Today we climbed up the Timpanooke trail and it was the first time we had to cross some snow fields. There was just so much snow this year. I don't really feel safe on snow fields so I am glad that there were not too many.

Panoramic view from the summit!

Oh how I love holidays. Back to the grind tomorrow. BOO! I feel like I need another day off just to clean-up my house and rest from all the fun.


Parley and Katie Call said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! One day when I get my new phone you can show me about all the cool apps. ha ha

sariah + brett said...

4-wheelers and guns. awesome - glad you're staying true to your oroville roots. that might even be a step farther than oroville, no? :)

was i with you on your first summit to timp? that was my first and last.

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