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Brownie Updates
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Friday, September 30, 2011


Friday, finally. I am so tired. This has been one long week.

So at Lakeridge the students get a free 30 minute period if they are passing all their classes. If not they have to go to their failing classes and make-up their work. Well for the students that are passing there are activities that they can go participate in. So I am talking to a 9th grader today and she tells me going to seminary during this free period is the best (I will be honest I was a little surprised). So I ask her what is so awesome about it. Well the seminary teachers have set up a question/answer session. They text questions to the teachers and they show up on a screen and the teachers then answer the questions. Cool idea, huh, and it is anonymous. Then she continues to tell me that yesterday one of her friends, who I will not name, asked if it was breaking a commandment to kiss someone that is not your husband/wife, and she was serious. I was laughing so hard. Only in Utah. Only in seminary. So funny but good that the seminary teachers are helping the kids sort through all the Mormon myths. Teaching junior high can be awesome, except on the occasional day that I want to kill someone. But really I have great students. It really is neat to watch them figure out the world and how to live and how to keep the commandments. They want to be so good, which I love. But man they crack me up. I only wish I could tease the student that asked that question. But she doesn't know I know and it probably would not really be appropriate. But it would be fun.

It also makes me laugh how in junior high they really can't reason to come up with an answer. The boys PE teacher always puts crazy things about me on his assignments like, "if this is not 100% complete Coach Brown will beat you up!" It is usually in bold print, enlarged, and totally ridiculous. So on my practice test I put that he was 50 years old and the students had to calculate what his heart rate should be while exercising. And every class period I had students commenting on how it is so crazy that he is 50. That hey he looks good for a 50 year old. So I would then try to help them reason to come up with a conclusion but they just could not do it. If I put it on there it must be true. So funny.

Not laughing at some of my 9th graders that think we are best friends. I love that I have a good relationship with a lot of my students but NEWS FLASH: we are not friends. One of my 9th graders told me to shut-up today. She was joking but I was like HELLO, you do not say that to adults. Who do you think you are? Seriously.

My T.A.'s are awesome. They help me a ton. I was looking over some papers they graded and one of my T.A.'s wrote a note to everyone she thought had good handwriting. So funny. Even funnier she wrote the note and then signed her name.

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