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Brownie Updates
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Accomplishing the little goals in life

 I had a little goal over spring break to learn to french braid my own hair. My students do the coolest things with french braids and some of them have their moms do them and some of them do them themselves. I asked that is how I know, if you were wondering. I meant to take pictures everyday because I have pretty much been wearing them everyday. Sometime I part it really far on the left and do one braid or really far on the right and do one braid. My favorite, which I just mastered yesterday, is to use my normal part and braid the hair back and then put it in a bun. Two braids ending in a bun. It is great for teaching and playing sports because my hair is out of my face the entire time. It still usually takes two or three braids before I get one that I think is presentable for the day but really that isn't too much time. So it has been fun to acquire this new skill.

Organizing my crawl space....YUCK! I have gotten in the habit of just putting junk in the crawl space. Out of sight out of mind. In my head I have been consciously planning on cleaning it out this summer. About 4 weeks ago I noticed a leak in the crawl space and so I had a plumber come fix it. Well first I used a bucket to catch the water and emptied it twice a week for a month before I actually got it fixed. In order for them to fix it I had to move a lot of stuff out of the way. So $400 later I have no leak and I organized the crawl space. YAY! I will say my back was a little sore this morning from trying to move heavy boxes across the floor while on my hands and knees. Just a little awkward.

Not using my car for work. Well today I failed at that but it was supposed to rain. I have mainly been biking to work the past three weeks. I actually really enjoy it once I get going. As I wake up I do tend to dread it but then I usually suck it up and do it, except for today. On the few days I have not woken up in time I have used my scooter to get to work. It has been awesome. I think I have only driven my car to work 2x out of the past 14 day and rode my scooter 2x as well. Today I mentally made excuses like, I need to take in the track stuff in the back of my car, I will take all the books I am donating to the school, I need to go to Costco after school, I need to go to Hobby Lobby, I can work out on my way home (let's be honest that probably won't happen but I brought my stuff just in case.) As you can see there were a lot of reasons I really needed to drive my car today:)

I have wanted to get into triathlons again for some time. I swam a little before my cruise. But thought about it a ton. Bought a couple of books to inspire me. Bought some goggles, which I love. My other goggles were lame and so that alone was a good excuse not to swim. I hate hate hate swimming indoors. This is my biggest obstacle. Running and biking I do all the time but swimming not so much. So in order to actually get my butt in the indoor pool I just signed up for a triathlon. I maybe lost my mind. It's in three weeks so no records will be set on this one. But it is The Women of Steel Triathlon. Only women so that is good. And it is a sprint length, another thumbs up. Oh and best thing you only swim 300 meters, now you are talking. My only complaint this far is that it cost $70. Are you kidding me? That's an expensive price to pay for exercise.

Track ends next Wednesday. HALLELUIAH!  I have been so tired and I have a student teacher. It seems silly but I am still really active outside of work so maybe that is the reason. I am just so pumped to go home right after school. That is how I roll, leave at 3:30pm. Oh and maybe hang out with people.

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