Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, April 1, 2012


These pictures sum up the weekend nicely. Eat, watch conference, eat, play some games (big boggle, dice, ticket to ride, skipbo), watched a movie (Dolphins Tale) eat, some more conference. Definitely a weekend of lots of hanging out and eating. I feel like I ate a ton. But it was all delicious. We had homemade ice cream, aebleskivers, salmon, salads, vegetables, Easter candy, homemade cafe rio. YUM!

We played some games, ventured to the park for a walk, shopped a little, but mostly hung out. It was relaxing and nice. I love general conference and it is so fun to spend the time with family.

It was so great to take it easy after last weeks crazy work schedule. So glad the only crazy thing this week is a track meet. Oh and a really late soccer game but playing sports late is way better than working late.

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Nancy Webb said...

Thanks so much for coming, I loved the whole weekend and doing all of those things with my favorite special nieces and nephews!!

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