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Brownie Updates
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

 The 4th was a fun day spent with family. I woke up and ran on my treadmill. I should have signed up for the freedom festival run but I was not sure if I was going to be in town so I had to run my own 5k. After my morning jog I met Sam and Amanda at the parade. I am not a huge parade person but it was fun.

Only in Utah would the missionaries march in the parade. It reminded me of when we would march in the kiddie parade at feather fiesta days and sing primary songs. Good times.
The Orem institute of religion had a nice float. Stand a Little Taller and then they had all these amazing people: Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, President Monson, and the David Archuleta...are you kidding me that made me laugh.
 There were a ton of bands and it just brought back so many not so great memories of marching band. I hated parades, maybe I still haven't recovered. Notice the band uniforms have not changed much in the past 14 years.
 I was at the parade and it was super HOT!
 Sam and Amanda were there
 Pizza Pie Cafe handed out really sweet coupons so we went there for lunch. Watched Independence Day. Got ice cream at the BYU creamery. Had a barbeque with family. Then I came home early and cleaned my house. I didn't even do fireworks. Lame I know. My stomach was upset for a few days after camp and I have just been tired so I finally had the energy to get all my junk put away. I love love love having my house clean!!!

Did you know it rained today in Provo? Let me tell you why this is amazing. 1. There are a ton of fires burning in Utah 2. In church Sunday they asked members of the church to pray for the firefighters as well as help to get the fires out 3. I have checked the weather all week and it never said it was supposed to rain, but today I woke up and hopped on my bike because I could tell it was going to rain. And it did, lots. 4. The rain really is a miracle. I was reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon today and I believe it was chapter 30 where Korihor is trying to convince everyone that there is not a God. While I was reading it just made me think how sad it is that so many people don't believe in God. But then miracles happen and we can say the same things Alma said "All things point that there is a God" I believe that and I believe the rain is both a miracle and an answer to so many prayers.

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Walt and Becky said...

i totally agree about miracles. i feel like there are very few coincidences and that most things are tiny miracles that Heavenly Father performs to let us know that He is there. On a lighter note, you look hot and i don't mean are a beautiful girl. i hope you know that.

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