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Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes you can't get a break . . . .

 But if your Caleb you can get a break and a whole lot more.
Last week was long. Long because it was the first week of school and I was so exhausted. Every. Single. Day. You just forget how tiring it is to be on your feet all day long, oh and talking all day long. Then Wednesday night I get a call from Caleb, he asks if I can come pick him up, he says he broke his arm. What???? And so 1st we went to urgent care, luckily no one was there. They do x-rays and clean up all the road rash, which was terrible. But unfortunately the break had to be set so off to the emergency room they send us. An hour and a half later we see the doctor. More x-rays, and waiting, and the bone gets set (I watched and it looked super painful he was in pain even though he was unconscious, crazy right). I get to bed at 3:30am.

After getting to bed at 3:30am I was super cautious on Thursday at work. Three hours of sleep is not enough for me. Not even close. I got through the day but all I did Thursday and Friday after work was eat and sleep. I really didn't feel caught up until Sunday.

Meanwhile on Thursday Nancy was nice enough to come down and take Caleb to the doctor. I may have had an emotional break down on the phone Thursday morning. Three hours of sleep + not allowed to take the first five days off of work in our district + the orthopedic surgeon would only see him at 9am and it was a mandatory appointment (now that I think about it what could they have done if we didn't show up) = a little bit of stress and anxiety for me. But once Nancy could take him I was good, just embarrassed that I had to cry about it knowing it would all work out. Again I was super cautious at work especially after starting the morning off in tears, so not a good sign.

Week two has already been so much better for me. I took small naps the past two days but nothing crazy. Last night I had a really good workout. Now I have to take two days off because Caleb has surgery in the morning. I was planning on taking a half day. It is so hard to have a sub. Especially if you don't know them. My best sub could only do Thursday so Wednesday is a random person, YIKES! But back to only taking a half day off the doctor said no. Apparently he needs to be watched for the first two days. Um, ok well I can only have one day paid off and that sounds really boring. And so I take my first personal day of the year on the second week of school. I guess I will be reading, lots.

I just recently read two really good books:

The English teachers and I always compare our summer book reading lists. Some of them read these two books over the summer. They are a hit among our students. I really enjoyed them. They are in a series together and the third book will come out next summer, dang I hate that. Super easy reading but a page turner. Reminded me of Hunger Games. Obviously a different story but so many of the elements were the same. But very very enjoyable. Another reason I didn't sleep enough last week. Well I need to bike and get some things done. Hopefully this week I take a few more pictures of all my activities.

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