Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Birthday

It happened . . . . . . .another birthday. It was actually a really nice day that left me extremely exhausted. I ran with Moki in the morning, went to work (I usually take the day off but I still had basketball so I just went), didn't teach because I have a student teacher, did basketball practice, took an awesome nap, skyped with Ben and Katie while these two girls were being CRAZY,
 played soccer, and went to dinner with Jana and Michelle. Soccer was great. I was so excited to play I have missed it during basketball season. My nap was amazing but too long I couldn't sleep that night. It was great to have a girls night with Jana and Michelle. So fun to just visit and chat. I was spoiled by my basketball team and co-workers. I really appreciated all the wishes through texts, calls, and Facebook that I received. I ate way too much junk. Then too top it all off Anthony brought me dinner the next night and I celebrated with all my Utah family on Sunday. I was seriously super spoiled.

And during my birthday week took the basketball team bowling for practice and it was AWESOME!

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