Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday is a special day.......

Today was one of the most productive Saturdays I have had in a long time. I didn't even take a nap which is pretty much a miracle for me. I watched Andrew.

Cleaned, washed, and vacuumed my car. Had lunch with my brothers. Grocery shopped. Cleaned the downstairs. Hiked the Y with Moki, the weather has been fabulous. Biked 20 miles. Showered. Did a little reading. Went to basketball practice at 8:30pm. And now I am blogging!!!!! After this I will put in my last load of laundry:)

It felt so good to be outside and feel the sun. I forgot how much I miss that ALL. WINTER. LONG!
My last three miles were intense because some dude on a fixed gear bike was trying to pass me after I watched him draft off of me for a while. Shadows give you away every time. Should not have been a big deal but I let pride get the better of me. My heart rate went up 15 beats per minute just to keep up but it was worth it. And he was really nice, Jason on the fixed gear purple bike man. My quadriceps were burning when I got home!!!! It felt great.

We had a late night basketball practice because our state tournament game is Monday at 9:10pm. What the what??? I am going to be out way past my bed time. In case you haven't heard our varsity girls won the region. Well we co-won the region and then lost the coin toss for the state tournament.
 It was super exciting. As a coach it has been very rewarding to watch our teams on all levels be so successful. We have put in so much time. All summer, all fall, and during the season. It is so great that it has paid off. Our girls are amazing. They are great people and great athletes. It is so fun to be around them and celebrate their successes. And I seriously love teasing them:) Tonight was great because I got to play a lot of the time. I was very physically active today.

Moki is all tuckered out. She went straight to bed when we got home from basketball. She leads a very hard life. One more picture of Andrew looking super happy!

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