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Brownie Updates
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Nieces and Nephews in California

I seriously hate that I live so far away from Braxton and Olivia. Luckily I still seem them a few times a year but I wish my whole family could just live close.....although maybe that would be too much drama, I don't know. I got to kidnap Olivia and Braxton for a few days and spend lots of time with them. It was so fun.

I have decided that when I am in Oroville for the summer I really want to make an effort to visit my friends that maybe don't live right near Oroville. This year I wanted to visit Erica and Sariah. Erica is always so inviting. She let me drag my niece, nephew, and dog to her house.  She lives in a fun place and I am glad for good friends who let me intrude. It was so fun to catch up with her.

We went into the city on Monday night. As you can see the weather cooperated.
 The beach is just magical.
 I didn't get pictures of the whales that were spouting water in the air a ways off the shore. It really was the perfect evening.
We finished the night with dinner and ice cream. Braxton was asleep before we got home. VICTORY!
Sariah ended up having her baby the day I was supposed to visit her. That was a bummer for me so we hung out at Erica's a little bit longer. She made us breakfast and lunch and we got to swim and play in her amazing yard. Moki was in heaven.
Braxton was in heaven also.
  Braxton is obsessed with super heros right now.
 We headed out after lunch and the kids slept in the car. That was awesome. That evening we headed to the movies and watched Inside Out. What a fun movie.
 I am that mean aunt that really tries to limit screen time. Let me just say that it is so hard. I totally get why parents allow screen time, I allow it too but only when it is really hot. Wednesday we woke up and went to the park before 8am.
 Bubba loves the monkey bars. That kid is strong.
Luckily Caleb came too and he could do the monkey bars over and over.

We came home and painted nails. They both wanted to do their own so it was an outside activity.
We went to the river to swim after lunch. I don't have pictures but we had fun. Moki jumps off the dock and chases her toy duck. Braxton and Olivia did some swimming as well.

After dinner it was still hot and Olivia was begging for screen time so we went to the Townsends to swim instead.
 They have a beautiful pool and are so generous to let others swim. It was a great evening. Olivia got brave and even went off the diving board a few times.
 Thursday I took the kids back to Lodi. I love spending time with these cuties. I hope above all else they know they are loved by many. I think of how much meanness and cruelty is in the world and I just hope they always know they are loved! It is always so sad to say goodbye.

I am putting in a couple more beach pictures because they are the best.
Man it makes me wish I lived near the city sometimes.
 It really was the perfect evening.

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