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Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colorado Anyone?

Three day weekends are the best! And this weekend was no exception. I headed out to Denver with my cousin Melissa and her three daughters. They visited some friends they knew when they lived there and I visited a friend as well. it was busy and super fun. Funny moments on the way there: 1. Talking with Cadence while she was eating her dinner. I made her laugh and she spit Cheetos all over me. Hilarious when the person spitting is a 4 year old (not 3). 2. Reagan asking if we were going to die every time my tires hit the warning track on the side of the road. We were in a construction zone and I had no choice I promise. 3. Emery spitting water all over the window at the restaurant because she was laughing so hard. 4. Listening to the Cosby show. It turns out you don't even have to be watching the show to get a good laugh . . . just listen it is hilarious. 5. Every time a Disney song came on I was asked "Can I see the picture." Seriously so fun. The three girls were great travelers and I was grateful I didn't have to make the trek alone.

This was my first time in Colorado and it was really fun. What a beautiful state. I stayed in Denver and Sam and I started Saturday off by going to the aquarium.

The aquarium was really fun. They even had tigers. Not sure that they belong in an aquarium but whatever. My favorite were the turtles. So cute!

That evening we went to Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D. Fun movie. It did not disappoint, although I think I like the first one better.

We ate lots of good food everyday on the trip. Why don't I take more pictures? Silly me. We even ate at a restaurant that was featured on Man vs Food. Jack and Grill but I didn't document it. LAME! All I will say about that is that the portion sizes were ginormous and the food was good.

Sunday we went to church and then headed up for a drive in the mountains. We drove on the highest highway in the world. It takes you to the top of Mount Evans at a little above 14,000 feet. The drive was amazing. Unfortunately we could not go all the way to the top because of the snow so we had to settle for the lake that was just over 13,000 feet.

Mt. Evans

What we could see on top of the world in Colorado.

Sam took all the panoramic shots. Very cool!

Proof that we were both there.

The weekend was so fun. The drive on Highway 70 was pretty amazing as well. The canyon from Grand Junction to Denver was absolutely amazing. I feel like I could have a lot of fun hiking, biking, and kayaking in that canyon. The mountains were beautiful!

And then to end the weekend perfectly I came home to these

The weekend was already really good. Sam has sent them before we knew we were going to meet up. I love them. And I have probably posted way too much on this blog. Maybe I should go private. Who knows who reads this thing?


Nancy Webb said...

Awesome! LaNell I'm so glad you had a great holiday weekend. Looks fabulous. I know Melissa's kids can be so fun and meeting up with the monopolizer had to be fun as well.

Jenni said...

I read your blog! I actually had a dream about you last night---the two of us went to the temple together. Unfortunately, in the dream we never made it out of the dressing room due to some inexplicable circumstances, but it made me think of you! Hope I'll get to see you sometime soon! (You got the invitation to my bridal shower, I hope!) And it made me very happy to see that you got flowers. :-)

Angelee said...

a crazy ton of people read your blog. I don't have a list...but all our "moms" out there pass them around. It's funny who I've run into randomly and they mention reading my does make you think twice before you post. anyway, I have no secrets. anyway, glad you had fun. and I have more questions, but I'll ask those in fb. love ya.

Parley and Katie Call said...


I am glad you got a chance to meet up, what a perfect weekend.

Cramerifico said...

Lanell, I love your adventures! Sorry we never went biking when we both lived in Utah. Enjoy your summer!

Farfegnugen said...

What a fun trip! Thanks for letting us come along! I blogged about it on my writing blog a while back. Where has the time gone? It seems like it happened so long ago.

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