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Brownie Updates
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Friday, May 27, 2011


One of my 7th graders brings me a note this morning saying her soccer coach said she can't do PE today because she is participating in the Utah state soccer tournament tomorrow. Here was my response, "Um your soccer coach can't excuse you from participating in my class and I am going to tell you what my basketball coach used to tell me. If you can't do PE and play in a basketball game all in the same day you are not a very good athlete!"

That seemed to work. I remember trying to get out of the mile because we ran the mile every single Thursday my freshman year and we always had basketball games on Thursdays. But seriously a note from your coach. Coaches are crazy!

I have officially lost most of my patience. This year has been one of my best as far as teaching and coaching goes. After six years I feel like I may be figuring a few things out. But it is definitely time for summer. I repeat in my head multiple times a day, "just walk away, don't say anything." In the end it won't be worth it. I love my job but I am so ready for summer!

1 comment:

jana said...

haha! I love your response. BUT if they lose the tournament because said girl was to tired from a previous days PE class then you are going to feel really bad! ( said with much sarcasm) Have a safe/fun trip. (no sarcasm used)

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