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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I love mothers day. Probably because my Mom is awesome and there are tons of great women in my life. To my Mom: I think you are the best and I hope that one day I will be as good as a mom as you have been. I am sorry you had so many sons. A trial only you could bare, but at least I came first and lightened the burden:) Just kidding. I think my Mom is so great and she has so many good qualities. I hope I pick a few of those up!

My Grandma Brown is an amazing women. She is very loyal to her family. She does volunteer work. She is always helping others. She thinks education is soooo important. She is an example to me.

My sister in law Katie who is just starting the journey of motherhood. Who loves and protects the cutest niece in the whole world and lets me spoil her and love her whenever I am around.

My dad's sisters Janice and Virginia are great. They have always helped our family out. They love us. They took us on trips. They open their homes for holidays and family gatherings. They are good hardworking ladies.

My Mom's sisters Loralie and Nancy. They have always made sure I have a home away from home. They can laugh with me and cry with me. They include me in all they do. And seriously I love when the peppermint patties are all together. It makes me sad I don't have sisters.

I would post pictures of all my friends that are moms but that would take up way too much space (I mean I have a lot of friends). I love watching you take care of your children. I love that you all parent differently but that it works and that it is good. I love that you try to be the best Moms you can be! I love when you let me help. I know the role of a mother is the most sacred role for women in the world. It is something I long to be and at times yearn for. I have faith that I too will have an opportunity at this sacred calling. I only hope I can be the influence for good in the lives of my kids that you are for yours. Moms are the best!


Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Lanell you really saved me back in the day when I was living in that terrible condo and I had to lay by Pacen for him to fall asleep and you came over and held Camry for me. My kids love you and I love you.

Caleb Brown said...

LaNell you made me feel so good. Thanks for the post. You are a pretty amazing daughter. Love you.

Caleb Brown said...

that was mom on here she didnt have a google account so i let her use mine

Grandma R. said...

Great blog LaNell, I sure love you and all your siblings. It is really fun having you guys over. I wish I could see the rest of your family more (your mom especially).

Caleb, I had no doubt who was speaking in that first comment with your name on it. :) (Like you are going to tell LaNell she is an amazing daughter)

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