Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Isn't my new apron adorable.

It is the first apron I have owned. Watch out world I might start cooking . . . let's be honest probably not. (I would cook more if it wasn't just for me....that is sooooo boring). I got the apron at Thanksgiving point when my parents were here and I just think it is really fun. I busted it out today to make brownies. As a side not I have no problem cooking treats!

School is almost out. Two weeks. I can't wait. I have not really started to count down because I feel like that makes time pass really slowly.

I have stayed busy playing basketball, soccer, and softball (when there is not rain). I wish I could say I have been biking but seriously the weather has been LAME! The days just pass so slowly when I am stuck in the gym all day.

I am also working my way through The Lord of The Rings series. I have really enjoyed reading them. I actually started with The Hobbit and an now on the first book of The Lord of the Rings. Maybe I will actually make it through the movies after I finish reading them all:)

Yesterday I did more yard work then I have done in years. Our stake went up to temple square and pulled out all the flowers. It was sad to pull out all the beautiful tulips but apparently it is necessary. It was a really fun service project and I am glad I went. Afterwards I went to Nancy's and did a little weeding and lawn mowing. I forgot how tiring it is to work in the yard, especially when the sun is actually out (maybe that is why I despised the work as a child). I was exhausted by bed time.

(I stole this picture off google pics. It is an example of all the tulips we destroyed).

Church was really good today. A member of the stake presidency was visiting and he bore his testimony about temples. He was talking about the importance of going to the temple frequently and consistently. He said "When we go to the temple periodically we don't train our ears to hear the word of the Lord." It was a good reminder for me to really make the temple a priority especially since I live so close. He was talking about a training the stake presidency recently had with Elder Bateman and that he talked about the importance for young single adults to attend the temple regularly. I am not sure I am still young but I am single. I feel like my temple attendance is either really good or really bad. I am rarely in between. I know my life is better when it is good. I know the Lord blesses me each time attend the temple. I have a strong testimony of the importance of the temple and the sacred covenants we make there. I am really going to try to make this time period in my life a temple attending one.

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Parley and Katie Call said...

When you visit "so and so" you can cook for him in your cute apron. :)

I like your new blog layout!!!

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