Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And it continues

This week I am really trying to make sure I get my exercise in. I have been good for Monday - Thursday all summer but then the weekend comes and I fail miserably. The weather has been quite pleasant so that's really nice. Of course that is all changing this week. 

I have been blessed to spend lots of time with Olivia and Braxton this month in California. It has also been great to see my dad so much. He is really making progress. He is looking so much better.
The care center lets me bring Moki in every day. It is so nice. She loves saying hi to all the residents she sees. My dad has always loved Moki so that has been so great. 
Olivia is getting really good at playing games. She played games with my dad for over an hour and he loved it. She did so good with him and it was fun to watch. When he was still so sick he had a conversation with my brother Ben. They were talking about death. My dad mentioned that he wasn't afraid of dying but he was just so sad on what he will miss out on.  I know it is precious time with his grandchildren that kept the will to live alive in him. He really enjoys being around them.

Father's Day was Sunday. It was so nice to visit with my dad. All the kids skyped or called and he had a really nice day. My mom and I took him homemade nachos. My dad hasn't really eaten much since his surgery. He gets sick easy and doesn't love the food they give him. Let me tell you he loves his nachos. I thought we were going to be throwing food away but he ate it all!!!! That hasn't happened in such a long time. I was so pleased that he picked a meal he really got to enjoy. We also brought one of his favorite treats, homemade Carmel popcorn with peanuts. It was a good day.

Some of the pictures with my nieces and nephews.
Bubba making a mess of his ice cream cone.
Olivia doing laps to earn a treat.
 I did Olivia's hair for church. The girl has gorgeous hair.
Swimming at Grandmas house.
It was actually a really chilly day but Olivia and Braxton stayed in the pool for over two hours. Pools are the best when you are a kid.

Sam sent me this cute picture of the Utah boys.
Eating at a restaurant can be soooooo hard.
Katie posted this cute picture of Olivia in Facebook today.
I think she looks adorable in her swim gear. She is loving swim team and it is so fun to see her so excited about something.

Sam sent me this cute picture of Andrew sleeping during lunch.
I believe he said even super Heros need to rest. Love this sweet boy.  

Moki loves loves loves the water. After running today, well she ran I biked, she spent some time enjoying the sprinkler.
I have enjoyed spending so much time with people I love this summer. It's a blessing to be able to do that!

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