Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hiking and biking

This winter I exercised the least I ever have in my entire life. It has been so hard to have my dad so sick. I really have to learn to deal with stuff like this better. When spring rolled around I really tried to force myself to do the stuff I love. I biked to work on most good weather days, then if I did nothing else it was kind of ok. 
We hiked Squaw peak, always a cardio workout. Moki was in heaven. 
Rollerbladed up the canyon a few times. 
Biked 50 miles one Saturday, it was a gorgeous day.
Sometimes I fail at adulting and forget sunscreen. That was a fail and normally I only stay red the day of. This time I was red for three days. Not good.

I am really trying to make sure I get my exercise in this summer because I feel way better if I do. Even if it is hard and I am having a bad day, exercise only helps that. 

But my first day of true summer I overdid it and then was wiped out all week. I commuted on my bike to see my dad. 30 miles each way in 100 degree weather. 
Not one of my best moments. Lesson learned!

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