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Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

RiM tO rIm GrAnD cAnYoN

I heard about hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim from Than Hancock. He and Pacen did it last year and again this year. I kind of invited myself on their trip but the date didn't work for me so Amber and I went the weekend after them. That was nice because they were able to give us some good tips on how to be successful. I was so excited to do this hike but also a little nervous. It is long, 24 miles. I have never hiked that far in a day. I was not sure how my body would respond. It is also tricky at the beginning of summer because I am not in as good of hiking shape.

Caleb was nice enough to drive Amber and I on this trip. He drove us to the North rim and then while we hiked he drove to the South Rim to pick us up. He spent twenty hours driving over 2 and a half days. We owe him big time!

School is out let vacation begin!!!
 Amber and I were not anticipating the 30 degree temperature at the start of our hike. It was freezing!
 I had been to the North rim before on a Sunday. We just walked around and took pictures. I had never done any hiking. We hiked down to Phantom Ranch on the North Kaibab trail. The views were amazing.
I love to hike in new places. It was fun to be on a trail I had never been on before. The morning started off really cool. We took our first little break 6 miles in. It was finally time to shed the jackets.
The beginning was pretty step but it eventually leveled out a bit and it really was a rather comfortable descent.
There were lots of people hiking rim to rim so we had lots of company on the trail. That is always reassuring.
 We hiked down hill for fifteen miles until we reached Phantom Ranch. I had been to the ranch before with Lou and Cody when we backpacked the Bright Angel trail. It is a great little ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We stopped and enjoyed some delicious Lemonade.
The ranger came and warned us that the temperature was 108 degrees. She was worried for use because she said the section after the river would feel like 115 degrees because of the suns reflection. I don't think it felt that hot but it was definitely very hot. The Colorado river was so green and beautiful! I swear it is usually an gross brown color but it was gorgeous on this day.
Crossing the Colorado and hoping on the Bright Angel Trail. From Phantom Ranch on it was all terrain I had hiked before. That is nice mentally because you know what to expect.
Enjoying the views.

 The last nine miles are uphill. It starts off pretty gradual for a couple of miles. Then you have a mile and a half of switchbacks before Indian Garden. Indian Garden offers some shade, a bathroom, and fresh water.

After Indian Garden the hard part of the day begins. The last 4.5 miles of switchbacks and the strenuous uphill climb. Luckily we were in the shade for most of it.
 It really was a gorgeous day!
I felt great the entire day until the last mile and a half. I sat down to eat some food and when I got up my body was DONE! Big mistake. My muscles got moving again but it was pretty rough for about 1/2 mile. I was actually surprised at how good I felt. You just never know with things like this.
 There are so many layers to the Grand Canyon. Walking to the bottom really helps me appreciate just how massive it is.
 Caleb was waiting for me as I finished and took this picture. I don't look to miserable so that is good:)
 It is always so rewarding to do something that is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. It took us a little over 12 hours. We definitely took our time and had an enjoyable experience. I preferred the day method compared to hiking with a heavy pack and camping in the canyon. It was nice to not have to hike out on sore legs, which is what I did when I backpacked the Bright Angel trail.

I was really happy to be done!
 Another fun adventure in the books.
 We drove back to our campsite in Kanab, Utah and took showers and crashed for the night. It felt so good to sleep. I think I would maybe do this hike again. I don't think I would make it an annual tradition because it takes a lot of time and planning but it was a fun thing to do. My calves were the only thing that was sore. And they were SORE! Even this morning, four days later, I felt them while biking. It was a fun trip and I am glad I was able to do it.

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