Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


My mom and aunt Virginia came to Utah for California's spring break. It was so fun to have them here. I wish I could have had more time off work to hang out with them more but my evenings and weekends were full of fun activities.

They arrived in town on April 15th. My brothers and I were busy helping Nancy and Katie move so they hung out with Amanda and the boys. We saw them later that evening at my house.

Sunday was Easter. My stake had stake conference which was kind of a bummer but it all worked out. We then went to Loralies and played games and had dinner. 

I love getting my nieces and nephews Easter outfits. Here is Ben and Katie's crew all dressed in the clothes I sent them!!! It would have been more fun to see them in person but what do you do.
 Andrew and Emerson got cute little matching outfits as well.

Games at Loralies house before it got too crowded and crazy.
 I worked and had track the rest of the week so I didn't get any pictures. The ladies did their thing during the day and I joined them in the evening. I can tell you I loved having people cook me breakfast and dinner everyday. I could get used to that!

One night I taught my mom and Virginia the game Splendor. That was fun.
 Friday I decided to take a half day and come home early and surprise the ladies. We ended up going to the tulip festival. I hadn't been for a few year and we had a great time. the sun was out and the tulips were amazing.

Saturday we took Andrew to the zoo. That was fun as well. The animals were all pretty active which was fun. We also got to watch two shows. The elephant show and the Sea Lion show. Andrew was tired so he and I headed home while the ladies walked the rest of the zoo.

It was a busy and fun filled week. So glad Virginia and my mom came out for a visit. Let's do it again soon:)

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