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Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Fun

I am so excited about summer! I always am:) Memorial day was the first real celebration. I started the day off by spending my life savings at RC Willey. I have been wanting to upgrade my washer and dryer before they die and there is a table that I have been looking at for two years. Memorial Day was finally the day to purchase them! I hate spending that much money at one time but I am grateful I have the ability to purchase the items before mine break and I have to. I have truly been blessed that way, knock on wood.

 Tuesday my washer and dryer were delivered. They are so quiet! Look amazing! And can wash an entire sleeping bag:)
 Some day I will get the pedestals. Today is not that day. My kitchen table was delivered today. I spent the morning deep cleaning the living room. That took a long time but it was way past due. I love having a really clean house. The table looks so great!
Memorial day was so fun. After I spent all my money I met up with family and we played hard all afternoon. Dan grilled for us. We had all of our Utah family, Aunt Nancy, My cousin Andy and his family, and my cousin Laura and her family, Katie and her niece Abbie. It was a fun group. I wish I had taken some pictures. We played Kan Jam and Spike Ball. If you don't have Kan Jam you need it. It is so much fun!!!

After the Memorial Day fun Andrew came back to my house to stay the night. We had played hard so it was bath and bed for this cute boy.
 We kept ourselves busy on Monday. He didn't want to eat dog food for breakfast because humans eat oatmeal and Mac and cheese. Two of his staples. I call that almost human food:) We had breakfast and then got busy building a fort.
 Then we hit up the rec center for a little swimming after lunch.
 We went on all the big water slides and then Hannah and I took turns timing him while he raced down the little slides. He played HARD!
 After swimming we headed to Thanksgiving point to see Lightning Mcqueen. This is the reason I wanted to have him stay the night. Recently he changed his favorite color from blue to red because of lightning mcqueen. I saw an advertisement for an opportunity to meet him for free and knew I wanted to take Andrew. Me and all of Utah County decided to meet Lightning. The line was crazy but it was fun to hang out with Andrew. He did so well in line. We practiced Math and played a game where I would write a word and he would site read it. This really helped pass the time.
 We finally made it inside. We waited in line for around two hours. This was apparently shorter than the wait earlier in the day.
 It was a fun little set up!
 This is to promote the new Cars 3 movie coming out in June.
 It was tiring but I am glad we made the effort because I think Andrew had fun.

Today I felt more normal after all my hiking. I hiked with Moki and Jacqui this morning, cleaned for four hours, biked 24 miles, got my car fixed, and went to mutual. It was a very busy summer day. Just how I like them.

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