Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, December 31, 2017


I am loving my basketball team this year! They are great girls and athletes. It has been a lot of fun. They all get good grades, they are responsible, and they do what they are supposed to. It has made coaching fun and easier than some years. They are also really funny! This is who I spend most of my time with in the winter.
 One thing I have wanted to do for a while is a service activity during our season. The truth is that as a head coach there is so much to do I haven't ever made time for it. This year I am fortunate to have two awesome assistants. I put one of them over our service project. they set up a day for us to go to a rest home and play balloon volleyball and sing Christmas carols. Can I just say it was AWESOME!!!! I think it was my favorite Christmas activity I did all year. And it just made me love and appreciate these girls so much more. They are amazing. It was so fun. It was only 45 minutes of our time but we had a chance to bring some big smiles to otherwise lonely and often forgotten people.
We went right after practice so we were all sweaty and gross.
It was are last hurrah before we parted for the Christmas moratorium
The week after Christmas we practiced two and a half hours everyday. Playing basketball is a huge commitment, coaching is a ton of work......these girls have made it pretty awesome so far. Here is to six more weeks of basketball!!!!!

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