Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The start of December

December is busy and magical all wrapped into one. I will say it would have been more magical this year if it would have snowed more than once! I got a new Christmas tree on black Friday. It is big and awesome. It has eight different light settings which makes it so fun. I love just laying on my couch and watching the lights in December.

We had multiple Sunday family dinners.
 I gave this train away after Christmas. I think I will get a different, smaller one next year. It has provided some magic for my cute nephews for a few years. Emerson is at that train LOVING age.

 The Hancocks had their annual Wassail party. It was fun to visit with a few Oroville people. My Utah siblings all came so that was fun for us.

 Moki quite enjoyed this bone. I can't even remember what we made for dinner. I let her chew on it for a couple of hours and she was in heaven, well except for the fact that I made her stay in the kitchen.
This year the school district changed the calendar so the term ended when we left for Christmas break. I like the change, but it made the last week of school very stressful. Once I was finally on break I had some time to put together little gifts for my basketball team.
 Anthony had the day off of work so we hung out for a few hours. Got some pizza and sent this picture to everyone else in the family that was working.

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