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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Don't do chasing waterfalls . . . . . oh wait

Day 5 was fun!
We started the day off with a kayaking trip. We kayaked up the Wailua river. It was 2 miles up the river to the waterfall hike trailhead, then we hiked 1 mile and 1/2 to Sacred/Secret Falls, and then repeated to get home. So a good 7 mile adventure. It was a really fun way to spend the morning. The waterfall was not as cool as I was expecting but it's all good we found some cooler ones later on.
 I like what is reflected in my sunglasses
The start of our trip looked like this
 Cyndee and I paddled together.
 We switched positions for the way back
 Katie kayaked with Random dude.
 We survived

 It really was relaxing and beautiful.
sacred/secret falls
The falls fall into a nice little swimming hole:)
After the river trip we were hot and ready for more Shave Ice!
They were HUGE. I was actually quite sick after eating this entire thing. Stupid to eat it all, it was just so delicious. No self control when it comes to food....argh!

Then we went waterfall chasing. There were two close by that you could drive to so we decided to check them out.

The first waterfall we checked out was Wailua Falls. I believe it was part of the Fantasy Island TV show. I have no idea what that show is but someone who reads this might.

 These falls were beautiful. The water falls 173 feet before landing in the 33 ft pool below. Apparently back in the day boys would jump off of the falls to prove their manhood. Many didn't survive.

 There are trails to the bottom but they have been closed. Lots of people still hiked down but we opted not to. I mean we had other waterfalls to find.

The last one we visited this day was 'Opaeka'a Falls.
 These were beautiful as well. Unfortunately as far as we could tell you could only enjoy them from a distance.
On the road back from viewing the waterfall there was also a lookout to see the river we had kayaked up earlier in the day
While we were kayaking Cyndee was claiming to smell cow dung. From the picture you can see that the view from the river is really thick bushes. Once we stopped at the lookout we were able to spot all the cows that were at pasture down by the river.

For dinner this evening we tried Tiki Tacos. It was a fun little taco joint by our hotel in Coconut Beach.
Cyndee and I were not quite worn out for the day and so we rented beach cruisers from the hotel and rode the shoreline trail at sunset. Amazing! I love biking in new places. I love love love biking on the beach!!!! Well next to it I guess. It was awesome.

I was only a little excited. And I was taking the picture while biking, so not safe.
 We stopped in a couple of spots to take pictures.
 It was a perfect evening and just so beautiful
 Life lesson 20 year old cruiser bike seats are not comfortable. Neither is biking in a swim suit. The trail was 5 miles and about 1 mile from the hotel so we cruised a good 12-13 miles on these little boppers.
 I took pictures of Cyndee while I was biking as well. Not the recommended method of taking pictures, but it worked.
 I made her ride on the grass so I could get the bike in the picture
 In my living room I know the exact picture I want to capture to hang up. It involves bikes. It will be beg. It will be on canvas. I was trying to capture it on this bike ride.
 Tried a couple of shots
 I don't love any of them but they are fun
 Not quite what I was looking for. I need more cruisers, more colors. And a tad of burnt orange. I am on a quest.

Looking back we were so busy every day in Hawaii. This was a fun day with lots of great activities.

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