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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Helicopters and more

Ok I went in a helicopter and it was freaking AWESOME! FREAKING EXPENSIVE BUT FREAKING AWESOME. The funny thing is the cheap side of me had a very hard time committing to this ride, but it was really neat. I loved how close you could get to things and how the pilot could tip you side to side to really see the beauty of the island. Kauai is amazing. There is so much beauty rolled into such a small place. Beauty you can't see from a car or a hike, definitely can't see it in a few short days.
We were all pretty excited to be in a helicopter:)
 I lucked out and got a really good view. I was in the front seat next to the window. I was just pumped for a new and different adventure.

One of the first things we did was head to Jurassic Falls, you know the big waterfall from Jurassic Park 1. It was through a beautiful canyon. As we were approaching the waterfall he played the theme music in our headphones. It was really really cool. Seems a little cheesy but it was great.
It was an amazing canyon and the 400 ft falls is stunning.
 So tall. You can really only get to the falls by air. It is possible by four wheel drive but there are 7 river crossings and so the timing has to be perfect.
I used the go pro and it did an awesome job of capturing video of the canyon and other things on the ride. Maybe someday I will load the videos.

 We needed one group picture in front of the helicopter.
Then it was off to view Waimea Canyon also known as the grand canyon of Hawaii.
I didn't get as many pictures of the canyon but it did look similar to the grand canyon. Not as grandiose so a little different feel but it was similar.

Really I was most excited about viewing the NaPali coast. I had read about it years ago and just could not wait to see it. It was just as beautiful as all the pictures I have ever seen.
The colors are so vibrant. The scenery amazing. All the pictures I took really don't do it justice. There are some things a camera just can't capture.
I was in love

 I took so many pictures of the coast.
 The pictures look a little weird because of the reflections from the windows
 The mountains were so crazy
 There are so many reefs it just made me want to snorkel
 So pretty!
 There were so many waterfalls all over the island. This one went all the way down the mountain. Waterfalls that fall into a pool and then create another pool and just continue all the way down the mountain. So cool!!
The Wai'ale'ale Crater is the wettest place on earth. I think it rains an average of 400 inches a year.
Really beautiful and fun to see. In the winter I saw pictures where the entire mountain side is covered in little waterfalls. We rode all the way in on the helicopter.

After the helicopter ride we checked into our new hotel. This is our view from our room.
We really just dropped of our stuff, grabbed lunch, and then headed to snorkel. On the drive we drove on this really pretty street.
I just loved how the trees made a canopy.

We snorkeled at Po'ipu Beach. It was great snorkeling. The roughest water we were in. There was definitely a strong current so I didn't get to far from the reef or the shore. I don't trust my swimming that much and I wasn't wearing my fins.
 It was a beautiful beach
 There were two places that had great snorkeling, lots of fish

  A big turtle just hanging out on the beach
 One little fishy
I forgot to mention that on our kayaking excursion I busted my underwater camera. BOO! While we were hiking my shoe got caught and I tripped. My camera was on my wrist and I caught myself before I fell but my camera slammed into a rock. The shockproof camera then had a shattered screen. It was unfortunate but that is life. I then purchased a case for my iphone so it could be used underwater. It is really cool but I don't have it completely figured out.

We snorkeled for a little while and the headed to the Spouting Horn.
 The camera does not quite capture how cool this spot really is
 The waves roll in and then shoot water through the rocks
 It happens in multiple places. I was trying to get that with a panorama shot but it never quite worked out.
 It was a fun place to watch the sunset
 So much beauty on this little island
 These were from the earlier beach. But they are good to end on.

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