Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Since I have been home

 Moki was excited to be home. We hiked the Y three times this week, jogged once, and then had a biking adventure. Oh and we went to play with Brewer and Pickles. She had a good week. But she is a good dog so she deserved it. I love her hair as it is getting longer.
I will be chopping it one more time before winter though, sorry pup. This picture is from a couple weeks ago but it is so nice when Moki will actually sit still for a few minutes. She does it more frequently now.
I am grateful Ben and Jana let her come visit. It is so good for her but she brings a whole lot of CRAZY!

Amanda's birthday was on the 31st so I headed up North with my cousin Heather's girls to get some ice cream.
Believe it or not but I don't miss many opportunities for ice cream. It was delicious. Afterwards we swam at their apartment. Moki swam too. She should not have, my bad.

We have been hiking late at night so she is still in sleep mode after I bike in the mornings. LAZY!
And some days even longer. I am good at wearing her out. I love it when she is tired because she doesn't get into things and she will actually sit still long enough to lay by me.
I did something on a Friday night! It was actually really fun. They have the rooftop concert series in Provo from April to October. I have been wanting to try it out and I finally did. It is free and really well organized and fun.
 The setting was fun and the backdrop was really beautiful. There were lots of people.
 It was a little better as it got dark
 Three local bands played.
Mindy Glenhill was the big name. I hadn't heard her music before. She was good. I just hate how it is so loud and really hard to understand what they are saying in a concert setting. I really liked the 2nd group. Their name was Mideau. It was a fun evening.

It has been so nice to eat my normal diet. That is one thing I hate about traveling. I have eaten CRAP, excuse the language, all summer. Saturday I enjoyed some greek yogurt with fresh fruit. So yummy!
Yesterday Amber, Moki and I went on an adventure. There is an awesome dirt trail that is 14-15 miles round trip on the east side of Deer Creek reservoir. The trail runs parallel to the lake and the train tracks. I have mountain biked it before and wanted to take Moki.

Moki was awesome and she loved it. She always wants to be ahead of me because she pretends that she is the pack leader.
 We turned around between mile 5 and 6, but closer to 6. She ran the entire time. Chased the birds and hopped over sage brush. She seriously cracks me up she is so fun to watch in settings like this.
 It was nice that we were close to the water because we were able to let her go down and drink and get wet. It was really hot when we started. This is also not a flat trail. She got a good workout.
I love how beautiful it is. Afterwards we all swam to cool off. It was a fun little adventure.

I spent the night picking stickers off of my dog. Over 1,000 stickers. This is not an exaggeration. It was crazy. It took 2 and 1/2 hours. Luckily she was so tired she just layed on my bed while I attacked her. As I was finishing I noticed her front paws are rubbed off. Just on the palm paw, but how sad is that. It looks similar to a blister the actual paw is still hanging and connected. Poor puppy. She seems ok but maybe that was a little much. Previously her longest distance was 5 miles at one time.She has not complained and she walked around today but I kept her inside. Hopefully it heals fast because seriously I do not want to take her to the Vet. But I will if it doesn't look good this week. But we also need to take advantage of our last two weeks of summer.

This morning before church I got news that a little three year old girl in our ward passed away from her brain tumor. It has been a year long battle and just so sad. I had no idea she was to that point. I knew the tumor had come back, it never was malignant just aggressive, but I taught her little sunbeam class three weeks ago. I am heart broken for their family. I can't imagine the pain they are feeling at this time. Pain that really only the atonement can heal and even then I imagine it takes a lot of time. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

I was also released as camp director and called as the first counselor in young women's. They want me to do a calling more than three months out of the year? What the heck? Just kidding. I am excited but also nervous. It is a big time commitment and a lot of responsibility. I know all the young women though and they are awesome. I think it will be fun but also very challenging. I can't escape teenager girls, but I am ok with that. So here's to a new adventure!

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