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Brownie Updates
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Saturday, August 17, 2013


 I am one of those crazy people that always tries to carry all the groceries into the house in one trip. No matter how much I buy I try to do one trip. Now I am that person who goes to Costco on my scooter and gets it all home safely. It is challenging. Possibly a little unsafe, but so fulfilling. Ok maybe not fulfilling but I like the challenge. Just wish my scooter could go a little faster then 40 MPH. I know I annoy people on some of the bigger roads. I hate being THAT person.
It has been back to work for the last two weeks. Not officially until Last Thursday but someone didn't work very many hours before August and so I had a lot of time to put in. Since it was pretty low key I let Moki accompany me. She enjoyed all the attention she got.
 Sometimes she was thirsty and so I let her sneak a drink out of the water fountain. She is a pro at it, it's pretty funny.
 I stole this picture from Jana. Let's just say it is a good thing Brewer and Pickles are actually trained. It was easy to get them to sit and stay, it is a small miracle my dog was caught on film sitting. She is still full of energy.
 I got my carpet cleaned!!!! Why did I do it two days before I had to be back at work? I don't know. That was bad planning but I am extremely happy with the results. Maybe I won't wait 5 years to do it again. While moving everything back upstairs I went through everything I own. I got rid of so much. I still have so much. Look at all those t-shirts. This is after I got rid of a ton. I should have counted how many I got rid of but I would probably be too embarrassed to post the number.
 I will say I did not pay for most of the shirts. The majority are related to work, coaching, races, and championship shirts. That is still no excuse to have so many.

There have been some fires lately and the sky was so pretty while Moki and I hiked the Y earlier this week. We love to hike the Y.
 For Mutual we hiked Stewart Falls. I had never hiked it before. I was a relatively easy hike with a really pretty waterfall at the end.
Moki was able to join us and it was an enjoyable evening. The girls enjoyed running in the freezing water as well. I just watched from the sidelines.
 This ecard makes me laugh so hard. I have been looking at them online and I want to print off a bunch to hang in the gym. I wish I could hang this one but I think I might get in trouble.
 Today I had the opportunity to head up to Liberty Park and watch the AVP volleyball tournament. It was really fun. There were a few big names. Kerri Walsh, Jake Gibb, Sean Rosenthal, Phil Dalhausser.
 A number of the players competed in the Olympics and won medals. I have never watched 2v2 sand volleyball. It was really fun. It is crazy how hard the men hit the ball. It is also crazy how well 2 people can cover the court in the sand. I was glad I had a chance to go.
The womens game wasn't as popular because the men were playing at the same time. There were a few men who had played at BYU and at least one native Utahan and so they had a really big fan base.

I stopped at IKEA on the way home to buy a futon or daybed. Instead I came home with this rug. I have been looking at rugs and I am happy with this one. It is really busy but my living room is pretty tame so I think it works.
 One reason I wanted a rug is for Moki. It is more comfortable to lay on. Apparently running in the morning and then again in the evening just wears her out. She is one funny pup.

I can't believe it is already time for school to start. I was really struggling after Hawaii because I was just dreading starting work. I am not sure why but I actually was having a little anxiety about it. I think it is all the politics and other things that go into the job. Thursday night was back to school night and as I met with students I was reminded that I really do LOVE my job. I really enjoy the kids. That is what it is all about. It is so easy to lose that focus but I am really going to try to focus more on them this year and just let all the other stuff go.

And another little confession I finished summer off as a total couch potato. I watched two series on Netflix. Like every episode Netflix offered. I started with:
 I loved Hart of Dixie. It was clean and funny and just fun. I think there were two seasons on Netflix and I paced myself on this series.

Then after Hawaii I started this series:
 It was pretty much the death of me. There were 6 seasons and I watched them in a very short amount of time. I love the characters, the drama. It is funny and sad. It is really sad. Anyways I stayed up until 3 finishing the series on Tuesday night because it just needed to be done. I needed to move on. I am kind of glad that season 7 seems to be lots of new people because I really am not interested in it. But the original 5 women characters were great. So yeah watching those two series was probably more TV than I have watched the rest of the year combined. That is what summer is for!

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Ben and Katie Brown said...

you should make a quilt out of all of your old tshirts. especially the ones from your job. that would be fun!


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