Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Patrick's Point to Redcrest

 Day 2 of biking and I realize I don't have very many pictures. We biked from Patrick's Point State Park to Redcrest on Avenue of the giants. It was 71 miles. We stopped in Eureka for lunch. Amber got her bike looked at and then really just pounded out the miles the rest of the day. I brought my hippie jersey for this day.
I was feeling much better day 2. I mean your butt pretty much always hurts but my muscles felt great. I stopped and took this little gem somewhere on the 101.
We biked more miles than planned this day because we missed our exit to the planned campsite. Instead of backtracking we just rode on to find a new place to sleep. Trying to take pictures while biking = not safe and so not effective.
 We ended up at a little RV camp ground. Overpriced but we were the only tent campers. We had the entire bathroom and shower to ourselves. Not too bad. And they had real hot water in the showers which was amazing!
I really do love my little tent. One of my best purchases ever and I have used it quite a bit.

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