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Brownie Updates
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Friday, July 18, 2014

On to the next adventure

My brother Aaron and I had planned a trip to Yosemite. It crossed my mind that maybe I should cancel. You know I still could not walk in a straight line or sleep at night. I don't know why but sleeping was the hardest thing. So weird. But he had taken off work. Neither of us had been. In the end I knew I could just do the easier things if I wasn't feeling up to it.

Sunday night we left my parents and headed to Than and Erica's to sleep for the night. This put us closer to Oakland so we could drop Amber off at the airport. Than and Erica were in Utah, definite bummer, but were nice enough to let us use their house. It worked great. We got Amber to the airport and then stopped in to have lunch with Sariah.
Man I got lucky with this friend. We catch up so easily. We know each others families. We have so many great memories together. It was so much fun to spend a couple of hours with her. Can't wait until she is in Utah in August!

After she treated us to lunch we started our drive to Yosemite. We did not have reservations for camping so we were hoping there would be something for us when we got there. That is very risky business when it comes to National Parks, especially this one. I was very surprised at the terrain as we got closer to the park. Before you get to Yosemite you drive through this nasty canyon. Everything was dead and hot. I am sure it is pretty in the spring and winter. You get to Yosemite and BAM it is green and amazing. We entered close to Yosemite Valley and the views were breath taking. Different than anything I had ever seen. We did not stop for pictures though, we were on an important mission: find a campsite. We lucked out and there were three spots left in Camp 4. I think it helped that we were getting to the park on a Monday following a holiday weekend.
It is a walk in camp site. We had the lame spot right by the bathroom but we didn't care. The view from our tent was spectacular.
We had a place to sleep and it was close to everything we wanted to do. We got camp set up and then took some pictures.

 This is what you see as you enter the park.
 Here is a shot of half dome.
Our goal was to hike half dome but at this point we still didn't have a permit. I had applied on Sunday night to hike on Tuesday and was denied. I had to apply again on Monday night to see if we could go on Wednesday. Looking back it is really good that we didn't get permits for Tuesday. I don't think I could have done the hike and we would have lost our campsite. This was all we had time for on Monday. As dark approached we went to bed. I didn't sleep again. Still suffering whenever I was laying down or closing my eyes.

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