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Brownie Updates
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Havasupai 2014 Day 1

I just love Havasupai. I don't think there is a more rewarding hike anywhere. This was my third time venturing down into the land of the blue green water and I love it just as much as ever. I reserved tickets forever ago because the young women at church I work with were possibly going to go. I got released and then a few other concerns made it so the tickets were not going to be used. I could not stand to see them wasted, so a trip was planned. I loved the group we went with. So much fun. It was great to go with a group of people that had never been and just watch them enjoy how amazing it truly is. Seriously I love this place.

Our group minus Aaron, Michael, and me
 After 7 miles of hiking we are almost there!!
 Jana and I don't get to hike together very often, she always has a baby. We usually stick to team sports when we do things's just how it works out. It was fun to do something different.
 Aaron and I had our fair share of adventures this summer.
We took a little break in the village. There is actually some grass you can sit on now days. It was a nice little break.
 Seeing the amazing water for the first time.
 Since the last time I came in 2008 there have been a couple of floods. The major flood was in 2008 two weeks after I was there. The river was re-routed in parts and some previously existing waterfalls lost their water source and new falls were created. I was excited to see the changes. Here is one of the new water falls: Little Navajo Falls
 It's the first waterfall we see as we hike from the village to the campground.
 The color is truly amazing.
It was really hard not to put on our swimsuits and just jump in. We were almost to the village and needed to secure a campsite so we kept on hiking. Right before coming into the campsite you go past Havasu Falls, really a spectacular sight. Must take pictures here.
 Selfie, this was actually the morning we hiked out.
We found a place to camp and then tested out that amazing water

 The Browns look very awkward when jumping compared to some of those Robertson boys....just saying.
So much fun. I love Jana in the background on this one!
 Aaron trying to break the Brown mold with a dive.
Then we took naps. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. All the single boys.
I really wanted to show everyone Monney falls. Since you just walk down a little path and then go down a ladder it was definitely no big deal.

Anthony was super thrilled to hike some more that day. He works hard to disguise that he is actually enjoying himself.
Mooney Falls from the top
 Now to climb down the ladder to get to the bottom of the falls.
My water camera was struggling and it does not really do the climb justice. It's a little crazy getting down the wall. As you can see there are some ladders.
It is always worth it though.The view from the bottom of the falls.
Aaron and the brown bear.
The rope swing
 So fun
And just like that day one was complete. I think we all slept pretty good that first night and we were all a little stiff the next morning. 

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Ashleigh Cramer said...

I should have spent the summer with you. Three things on my bucket list that I've never done include Havasupai, Half Dome, and hiking timp. Someday...did I already leave a similar comment on your blog, sorry if I did. Bad memory. If you want to come to Arizona this winter you can stay at my house. It's great to hike and bike here in the winter and we now have a spare bedroom. Is that too close to your brother though?

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